Guava Leaf Zinc Tonic (60 ml)

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Guava Leaf Zinc Tonic is an immune support formula made with water-soluble extract pastes for better absorption.

  • Made with 100% Certified Organic Ingredients
  • Zinc from Guava Leaf

Suggested Use

Take four pumps twice daily.

This tonic can be taken straight or added to any drink or smoothie.


Biodynamic® Organic Hydrosols (Lavender, Rose Geranium, Rosemary)

Organic Guava Extract

Organic Moringa Extract

Organic Ashwagandha Extract

Organic Holy Basil (Tulsi) Extract

Organic Aloe Vera Extract

Organic Berberis Aristata Extract

Organic Ginger Juice Freeze-Dried Powder

Organic Amla Extract

Organic Lemon Myrtle Oil

Biodynamic® Organic Rosemary Oil

Other Ingredients: Organic Flax Seed Glycerin, < 5% Biodynamic® Organic Ethanol, Organic Stevia Extract


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