Hand-Hammered Moscow Mule Copper Mug 2-pack (18 oz)

Enjoy the chilling, flavor, health, and Ayurveda benefits of drinking from our copper mugs.

Sold in sets of 2.

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Enjoy the chilling, flavor, health, and Ayurveda benefits of drinking from our copper mugs.

Handcrafted by Skilled Artisans – All our copper cups are manufactured with care and attention by talented artisans, making each mug unique. Sit back and enjoy drinking from your classic copper mug, knowing it is one of a kind!

Solid Copper – Crafted for enthusiasts, you won’t find any nickel, tin or other materials in our copper mugs. Everything (excluding the handle) is made from copper.

Sturdy Welded Brass Handle – Welding handles is a better alternative to riveting, which often causes leaking. Our comfortable brass handles are crafted to stand the test of time so you can enjoy ice-cold drinks from your solid copper cups indefinitely.

No Alloys or Liners – Handmade with no inside liner or coating. Our copper mugs enhance the flavor of your favorite drinks while promoting the anti-bacterial/health benefits associated with drinking from copper.



Q: How much liquid does this cup hold?

A: Our cups are made to hold an 18-ounce beverage. The total capacity is about 20 fl oz when filled to the brim.

Q: Why is the handle made of brass?

A: Copper cups are an excellent conductor of heat and cold. This conductivity makes it a popular choice for serving ice-cold drinks. Brass is far less conductive, keeping the handle at a temperature that is more comfortable to hold.

Q: How do I keep my cup looking new?

A: Copper can develop a patina over time. To keep your copper looking good, hand wash and dry thoroughly with a soft cloth after each use.

For extra protection, lightly oil your cups inside and out before long-term storage.

If your copper starts to look tarnished, you can find several natural cleaning methods online to restore the shine.

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